History of the Community:

Plum Borough is located in Allegheny County, approximately 13 miles east of the City of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania.  Plum Borough is thesecond largest Borough in the State of Pennsylvania comprising 29 square miles of land area and containing a population of 27,126 according to the 2010 Census.

Plum Borough was founded as Plum Township in 1788 and was one of Allegheny County's first seven townships.  It was reorganized as a Borough in 1956.  The historical development of Plum Borough was closely tied to the industries which developed here including coal mining, aluminum powder manufacturing and gas and oil production.   

With the development of new residential neighborhoods and the expansion of existing ones, Plum Borough's population will continue to grow and there is plenty of land available for all purposes including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural development. 

Plum Borough Ranked Sixth Safest Community in America:

Plum Borough residents are living in one of the safest places in America, according to a recent study. 

“Neighborhood Scouts” has released a list of the top 100 safest cities in America and Plum has ranked number 6.  

Communities in America with 25,000 or more people were included in the ranking system.  A community's rank was based on the total number of property and violent crimes per 1,000 residents.  Crimes included burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, murder, forcible rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Plum Borough's Landmark:

The legendary Oakmont Country Club is located in Plum Borough. The course has been consistently ranked as one of the five best by Golf Digest's 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America. In 2007, Oakmont placed 5th by the magazine. It is one of only a few courses ranked every year in the top ten of the publication's history. The top 50 toughest courses ranks Oakmont also at #5, while ranks it at #3 overall. 

It hosted its eighth US Open in 2007, the most of any course and the US Open is once again scheduled to be at Oakmont Country Club in June 2016. 

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